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How to Clean without Chemicals

I’ve always hated cleaning – my suite mates in college can attest to that! Especially the Bathroom…YUCK! I feel like I just never knew how to do it properly, so I would avoid it like the plague. Whenever I did clean, I always felt nervous about using all of those chemicals. What if it touched my skin…should I clean my hands?…should I be breathing this stuff in?…is this actually going to work?? Sometimes it did, but often it didn’t. AND cleaning supplies are EXPENSIVE! I’d stand in the cleaning supply aisle at the supermarket and look at all the prices, trying to decide if it was even worth buying. Way too many unknowns!

Then my friend threw a Facebook Norwex Party. I went mostly out of curiosity and decided to buy a couple of items to help her out in her new business. I bought the Basic Package (1 EnviroCloth and 1 Window Cloth). I was excited to try it when it arrived. During the party, we were shown how you can clean most surfaces very effectively – better than most of those commercial cleaners – using just WATER and a MICROFIBER cloth!

I was happy to see that my dining room table and island looked super clean after wiping them down with an EnviroCloth. Then I tackled the stove top and the microwave. All the grease was coming up with such ease! Then I wiped the mirrors and the windows down and followed up with the Window Cloth. At this point I was actually enjoying cleaning and moving through my house so quickly! I even got my toddler in on the fun!

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That weekend we had a party and I saw some black spots on my white couch (I know I’m NUTS for buying a white couch, but I love it!). It turns out that my guest had just dyed her hair and left hair dye stains on it! I immediately thought of my Norwex EnviroCloth. I wet it with cold water and started trying to rub it out. I thought that there would be no way it would come out, but it actually worked! It got lighter and lighter until it was finally gone! I was sold!

After that, I couldn’t help but want more Norwex and I eventually decided to become a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant. I also love that Norwex is a great company with an environmentally sound mission. Do you want to spend less time cleaning? Do you want to stop spending lots of money on all kinds of chemicals? Do you want to use products that are green and safe for your family? Make the switch to Norwex now! You can shop online HERE. Products are delivered straight to your door! It doesn’t get much easier. Also, feel free to contact me with questions. I’m happy to help you find a cleaning solution for you.


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