Go Green, Go Clean!

All the “Go Green” stuff is out for St. Patrick’s Day, which is probably one of my favorite holidays, so I’m so excited. As a kid, my dad and I always used to march in the NYC parade. We’d hop on the packed subway and weave through the crowds until we finally got to the line-up. I loved the bag pipers and the step dancers, and the high you get from marching down the middle of 5th Avenue and everyone is waving at you! It’s awesome.

I started thinking how this is also a great season to “go green” environmentally speaking. It’s almost time for spring cleaning, so it seems like a good time to change up some of my routines. I searched around for some easy, totally doable ways to go green:

  1. Use Microfiber instead of Paper Towels. I’m obviously already doing this with my Norwex microfiber, and I had to put it first on the list because it has really changed my household. We used to use paper towels for everything. We would go through rolls and rolls. And even though we would buy the “select-a-size” rolls where the sheets are cut in half, it would still take tons of sheets to clean up a mess. I learned that up to 51,000 trees a day are used to manufacture the amount of paper towels discarded in the U.S. alone in just one day! My Norwex EnviroCloths and Kitchen Cloths do the job WELL and we hardly buy any paper towels anymore!
  2. Use Reusable Shopping Bags. This is kind of another no-brainer. We see them everywhere, but sometimes the hardest thing about using them is remembering to take them with you to the store! I always keep them in my car, so that even if I go for a spontaneous trip to the store, they’re there. I mean…plastic bags have been mass produced and used since the 50’s! They are killing 1 million sea birds and 100,000 sea mammals each year. It’s just time to stop!
  3. Use a Refillable Water Bottle. I know it’s nice to have a cold water bottle on hand, but it is a luxury that may take centuries to decompose. That’s insane. They even sell refillable water bottles that have a Brita filter on it, so you can fill it straight from your tap or water fountain and still be assured that it is clean. There’s really no excuse.
  4. Use Reusable Coffee Pods. It is shameful how many of us pop in those K-cups everyday, which are filling the landfills. You know they aren’t recyclable with the coffee grounds in there, so they get tossed in the garbage. It’s also super expensive. Sometimes I wish I never bought the Keurig because I feel such a slave to it. But at least you can buy a reusable K-cup that you can put any ground coffee into. Should save you money too!
  5. Use Natural Cleaning Solutions. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest for making your own natural cleaners instead of using harsh chemicals found in traditional cleaners. I happen to ADORE my Norwex products, which are made from natural botanicals. Even their more powerful cleaners use enzyme-based formulas. The best part is that these products are ready to use and I don’t need to play chemist creating my own cleaners.

Being green isn’t as hard as it seems, actually. This is also Lenten season – a good time to make a change in your life for the better. I’ve realized that all you have to do is make small changes to your routine gradually, maybe once a month, or once a week – make a change in your day that will make your life better – and soon enough you’ll start becoming the person that you want to be!


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