Bathroom Cleaning, Microfiber

5 Minutes to a Clean Shower…WHAT???

I don’t claim to have the cleanest home at all times…even I can let things go a bit too long. Yesterday, I was taking my shower and looked down at the wall tiles – let’s be honest, it was a HORROR SHOW! I was so grossed out, I didn’t even want to think about what was growing on my wall! In the past, I would really panic, not knowing exactly how I was going to get that clean…and how long would it take?! Nowadays, I just run for my Norwex! For this job, my favorite items are the Descaler and my Bathroom Scrub Mitt.

Theresa Tsakalakos-2.png

The Descaler is a foam, so I spray it on and let it sit there for 5 minutes. I spray it all over the walls, the floor and my shower doors. The Bathroom Scrub Mitt has is a sponge-lined mitt, with microfiber on one side and a scrubby mesh on the other side if you need something more abrasive. I use the mesh side first to start the job, scrubbing the Descaler foam all over the wall. At this point, I already see most of the scum coming off the wall. I let the foam sit for a few more minutes to make sure it really has time to work down in the grout. Then I dampen the mitt and put the microfiber side to work. The dirt literally just wipes off the wall and the floor so easily it puts a smile on my face every time!

There’s enough in this world to stress over – who has time to stress about cleaning the bathroom! A clean bathroom just makes me feel so happy – and I am thrilled that I can get a complete and thorough job done in just a few minutes without using any harsh chemicals. My kids can jump in and take a bath and I don’t have to worry about anything! How great is that??!!!


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