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5 Minutes to a Clean Shower…WHAT???

I don't claim to have the cleanest home at all times...even I can let things go a bit too long. Yesterday, I was taking my shower and looked down at the wall tiles - let's be honest, it was a HORROR SHOW! I was so grossed out, I didn't even want to think about what… Continue reading 5 Minutes to a Clean Shower…WHAT???

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How to Clean without Chemicals

Whenever I did clean, I always felt nervous about using all of those chemicals. What if it touched my skin...should I clean my hands?...should I be breathing this stuff in? this actually going to work?? Sometimes it did, but often it didn't. AND cleaning supplies are EXPENSIVE! I'd stand in the cleaning supply aisle at the supermarket and look at all the prices, trying to decide if it was even worth buying. Way too many unknowns!